With his last EP “Tourette Ballet”, Contravoz and the featured artists show what they can do best: Kick-ass Spanish rap with a fusion of electronic and metal music without concessions..


 Furious screams, the shrill of the the guitars are within the new EP “Tourette Ballet”. Contravoz, (swiss with latin roots) is the leader of the crossover crew, where they mix different styles of music, like electro, Hip-Hop and Metal, obtaining a unique and jovial musical collage, not forgetting the aggressiveness of Metal and Rap.

Tourette Ballet offers a musical refreshment with no fear of limits whatsoever. The choral chanting of Jeremias Jurt (Dubious, Rührwerk, Rete Urbana) for instance, on the track “Parachute”, keeps the romantic moments present, but returns to the hard metal sound that keeps a balance in the song. This song also won the title of “Best final project production” in 2015 in the SAE (School of Sound Engineering) in Zurich, Switzerland. 

In a similar way, the song “Soledad” with Hardcore-EDM-Kracher and Spanish romantic rock, where even Bon Jovi would HAVE to listen to. The song “Kickflip” features the vocals of Thierry Oliver, frontman of the band “Save Your Last Breath”, which gives the song the metal elements necessary for head-banging. “Get a Life” and “Tomatitos” on the contrary, let the Hip-Hop flow stick out with raps from Rappoz.

As part of a social critique, influenced by open mic contests in the past, horrible town parties and even bad B-rated movies, the humour of the lyrics show and are represented as exaggerated parties, drug addiction, food, and violent metaphors in which they “destroy” fictitious enemies. 

Contravoz is all “DIY” from the video clip, through the album cover, to the final production. Everything’s planned and done with the support of specialized people. This EP was produced between 2014 and 2015. Starting with the home-made beats Contravoz created and produced inside his own home, with Daniel Sommer, definitely bringing some of his influences in the mixing and the boys of Subvert Mastering in London, made possible the final product I’m presenting to you. 

Altogether, Contravoz and all the featured artists, needed 24 hours (8 hours a day, 3 days) to record the album in the SAE studios. Without rest, Contravoz is now working in new songs and projects for the next album.